We offer a one-stop solution from building diagnostics to renovation

We are a company that investigates, plans, and repairs the safety of buildings and structures

Inspection using infrared cameras

A technology that detects anomalies by measuring temperature differences based on thermal conductivity. It offers high safety, reliability, and cost-effective diagnostics.

Inspection and diagnostics using drones

There are benefits of high safety and work efficiency in various work sites, and it can also handle situations where shooting with an infrared camera is not possible.

Diagnosis using a proprietary app

A proprietary smart inspection report generation app. It enables on-site inspections and report generation solely on tablets.

Building repair and renovation work

We provide high-level technical expertise from method selection to finishing for building exteriors such as walls and concrete structures.

Waterproofing renovation work

We conduct waterproofing treatments to address deterioration of waterproof layers. We offer peace of mind over the long term with our optimal method proposals and construction services.

Seismic reinforcement construction

To prepare for future major earthquakes, we implement construction methods that provide sufficient safety to protect buildings from collapse and other hazards.

Realizing a safe and comfortable society through building diagnostics and renovations.

In recent years, with the changing times emphasizing environmental protection, reducing facility investment costs, and promoting the effective use of resources, there has been a growing demand for repairs and renovations of existing building stock. Similar to humans, buildings cannot extend their lifespan without accurate assessment and diagnosis.

Against this social backdrop, we are committed to contributing to a stock-oriented society by prioritizing the safety of architectural structures and promoting their longevity and environmental conservation. It is our mission to realize a safe and comfortable society through diagnostic and repair work.

Introduction to various solutions

Solution for building diagnostics

We provide precise diagnostic results based on data obtained from extensive experience and achievements.

Other Service & Solution

Other services we offer

We offer insurance related to building diagnostics and other building-related services.

Smart investigation and analysis system

Real-time analysis

We facilitate interactive analysis through real-time information sharing between investigation sites and bases via the cloud, contributing to operational efficiency.

Building diagnostic management insurance

Insurance Services

BELCA's exclusive insurance provides up to 300 million yen in coverage in the event of an accident occurring after a building inspection and before renovation work begins.

Condominium medical checkup service

Third-party inspection service

This is a third-party inspection service for condominiums conducted by an investigation company certified by the Long-life Building Promotion Association (BELCA).

About Us

Company Information

With over 20 years of experience in diagnosing and renovating numerous architectural structures, Sugitech is dedicated to providing accurate diagnostics and high-quality construction to enhance the safety and longevity of buildings. In building inspections, we conduct diagnostics of building conditions from a third-party perspective, delivering reliable diagnostic reports.

Engagement with SDGs

As protectors of buildings and infrastructure, we are committed to promoting initiatives that contribute broadly to the creation of a sustainable society.