- Message from the CEO-

We have entered an era in which we continue to make the most of our buildings by considering life cycle costs.

In the post-war period of rapid economic growth, Japan repeatedly engaged in the scrap-and-build approach for its buildings. However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift from scrap-and-build to an era focused on environmental conservation and the reduction of capital investment costs. With this shift, the demand for repair and renovation has increased more than ever before.

The repair and renovation of existing buildings require thorough inspection and diagnosis. Just like humans, buildings cannot have their lifespans extended without accurate inspections and diagnoses. Although "building diagnosis," which investigates the safety and reliability of buildings, is not yet a widely known service in Japan, we at Sugitec consider it our mission to contribute to society by ensuring building safety, extending the lifespan of buildings, and preserving the environment.

Our expertise spans a wide range of architectural structures, from single-family homes to apartments and commercial buildings. We ensure high-quality, high-precision inspections, diagnoses, and accurate execution in various fields. Recently, we have also been focusing on proposing renovation projects that consider building management costs and include energy-saving measures. As building doctors who prioritize life cycle considerations, we will continue to embrace new challenges in the future.

Company profile

- Overview of Sugitec -

Company NameSugitec Co., Ltd.
FoundationApril 1991
EstablishmentJune 1996
Capital stock30,000,000 yen
Number of Employees23 (15 male, 8 female) ※As of April 2022
Executive OfficerPresident and CEO: Tatsuya Sugiyama
Managing Director: Koichi Umeda
Construction PermitMinister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Approval (Special-3) No. 26304
Registered Architect OfficeRegistered Architectural Firm (27B) No. 00384
BusinessBuilding Diagnosis and Inspection, Seismic Diagnosis, Exterior Wall Repair, Resin Injection Work, Waterproofing Work (Coating Waterproofing, PVC Waterproofing, FRP Waterproofing, among others), Painting Work, Floor Coating Work, Seismic Strengthening Work, Exterior Wall Peeling Prevention Work, Energy Saving Measures

Condominium Diagnosis Business: Registered Service Provider for "Condo Dock®" by the Long-Life Building Promotion Association (BELCA)

Domestic bases
【Kyoto Head Office】
94 Nishida-cho, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 615-0055, Japan
TEL:075-326-1126 FAX:075-326-1150

【Tokyo Branch】
Shinagawa East One Tower, 7F, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan
TEL: 03-6894-4075 FAX: 03-6894-4077

【Mie Sales Office】
Harima Building 1F-A, 308-23 Daikuroda-cho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie-ken 515-0063, Japan
TEL:0598-26-5290 FAX:0598-26-5291
Advisory law firmKansai Law & Patent Office
Nobuo Tomita, Attorney at Law
Affiliated organizationsPublic Interest Incorporated Association Long-Life Building Promotion Association [BELCA] Full Member
→What activities does BELCA engage in?

Management philosophy

Change and Challenge

Corporate policy

01. Aiming for the top share in companies that investigate, diagnose, plan, and repair the safety of buildings and structures.

02. Contributing to society through business activities aimed at realizing a safe and comfortable stock-type society by conducting investigations, diagnoses, and repairs of buildings and structures.

Company history

- History of Sugitec -

April 1995

Sugiyama Architectural Workshop," a sole proprietorship, was founded in Minami-ku, Kyoto City.

June 1996

SugiTech Co., Ltd." (Capital: 5 million yen) established (General Construction Industry Permit, Registered with the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture).

July 2005

Registration as an Architectural Firm.

April 2007

Mie Sales Office established.

August 2008

Relocation of headquarters to Higashidaimaru-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City.

June 2011

Increased capital to 20 million yen (Registered as a specified construction business, approved by the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture).

September 2011

Establishment of Tokyo Branch Office

April 2017

Installation of New Office Building in Nishitada-cho, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City Establishment of Training Facility in Higashidaimaru-cho, Nishikyo-goku, Kyoto City.

September 2017

Relocation of Tokyo Branch to New Office.

August 2019

Relocation to New Office for Expansion of Tokyo Branch Operations.

November 2020

Increase in Capital to 30 Million yen.

June 2021

Relocation to New Office for Expansion of Tokyo Branch Operations.

January 2023

Receiving the "Kyoto City Outstanding Local Business Award" in the Reiwa 4th Fiscal Year.

April 2023

Receiving the "67th Kyoto Prefecture Commendation for Inventors and Contributors" - Award for Creative ingenuity.

December 2023

Shaping the Next 1000 Years Company Certification" - Inaugural Recognition in the Regional and Social Contribution Category.

Kyoto Headquarters & Training Facility



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