We can provide value-added renovations to meet your needs

Our many years of experience in surveying, diagnosing, and refurbishing many buildings has allowed us to accurately understand our clients' needs and provide refurbishment work that meets them. We listen carefully to our clients' voices and hold detailed discussions with them to ensure that our work meets their needs to the greatest extent possible.

We also focus on improving functionality, durability, and safety, not merely appearance. The types of renovations we have undertaken range from large public facilities to small buildings.

※Achievements will be released as they become available.

A university research facility ~ Before ~

~ After ~

RegionKyoto City
Facility OverviewTotal floor area: 6,109 square meters / RC, 4 floors above ground
Outline of ConstructionWaterproofing repair work on the roof and exterior wall painting work
Main ApplicationsResearch Facilities
Year Ordered2022

Kyoto Kyocera Museum of Art ~Exterior Tile Peeling Prevention Work~

RegionKyoto City
Facility OverviewExtended bed area:19,495 square meters/Main building:RC+SRC+S New building:S+RC
Outline of ConstructionExterior wall tile peeling prevention work
Main ApplicationsArt museum
Year Ordered2020